What is CBD Paste?

CBD Paste is by legal terms "Hemp". But really it is our proprietary strain of Cannabis. We say this because the law stipulates that hemp must be under .3% THC which CBD Paste is. This is a major breakthrough in our industry as the common hemp contains around .2% THC and if lucky 2 to 3% of CBD. This means you need a lot of hemp to make a CBD product. There are some complications in concentrating hemp. The THC also gets concentrated during the process and then chemicals or strong solvents are added. This causes the natural structure to be altered.
CBD Paste took 4 years of crossbreeding and testing over 330 cannabis plants to find what now tests at .24% THC and 21.37% CBD. The high strain of CBD means that we don’t have to use chemicals, butane, or CO2 to separate or concentrate our product. Our slogan is "The whole plant and nothing but the plant, so help me God".
What separates CBD Paste products from the rest of the world is we combine the product "Medium Chain Triglycerides"  (MCT oil) as the added oil. Fatty acids bond to the cannabinoids which is essential for the cannabinoids to travel through the blood brain barrier. This in itself makes CBD Paste medicinally superior.
If one were to research all the companies that sells CBD oil, the retail cost per milligram of CBD averages 20 cents or more per milligram. CBD Paste cost per milligram (calculated with the free shipping) is under 8 cents per milligram.
  • 8 cents per milligram of CBD.
  • MCT oil and no harsh chemicals
  • 100% of the bud is used with no alteration.
  • Cooked at a super low temperature to preserve the Terpenes.

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2016 05 09 2021

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