From: Isiah (redacted)
Subject: Follow-up on the Debt Validation Package

"Hi Peter and Michael!  The Debt Validation Package works GREAT!!  Not only was it easy to use, but it shut down (redacted) INC, the 3rd party debt collector.  I received a student loan from (redacted) (AES) for my helicopter flight training at (redacted) (SSH).  The school ceased operation and entered bankruptcy February 3, 2008.  SSH being fully paid ($69,000) took the money they received from AES, and AES said students were still responsible to pay the loan back.  Because SSH was paid the full amount for the flight training ($69,000) and didn't follow through on their commitment, the training that I would receive from them to earn my commercial helicopter license and my certified instructor license with an instrument rating, I felt I didn't have to pay anything back.  After AES many attempts to collect from me, they sold the debt to (redacted) INC.  After getting numerous phone calls and letters from (redacted) INC, I heard about you on an alternative radio talk show.  I went to the website you mentioned, signed up for free, started reading some of the info posted there and I started listening to your eduction shows.  I was so impressed with the info (I nevered heard this kind of info before) that I decided to pay the $120 for the year and have full access to the private side of the website. After I received the Debt Validation Package for free from you, I followed the instructions and sent the package to (redacted) INC. by registered mail.  I received the package back from (redacted) INC as refused (I think they were too scared to open it).  I sent the package again by certified mail, and it was refused again (They must be scared). Anyway, (redacted) INC doesn't call any more because I'm not the low lying fruit.  (redacted) INC sold the debt to another debt collector NES. See how they treat their own selling this debt to another debt collector knowing that they won't be able to collect either.  If I receive any mail from NES, no problems, I'll just send it back undeliverable as address return to sender. There is no claim folks!  It just an illusion!!  Thanks again Peter and Michael!"


From: Bruce (redacted)
Subject: Debt Validation Letter Success

"Hey guys! I'm just writing to let you know that your Debt Valdiation package works! I sent the first letter in the package after receving an "Attempt to Collect A Debt" from (redacted), a law firm, trying to collect $19,000 for a credit card. About two weeks after my letter was delivered I got another letter for the same debt from (redacted), another law firm, claiming the same debt! I suspect the first law firm must've sold the debt. I sent another letter off to the new law firm. It has been over a month and I have not heard back. This stuff really works!"


More Testimonials Are On the Way!

Dis-cliamer: We have redacted names to protect the interests of the parties involved. 

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